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New York  Proposal 1 (Remove Small City School Dist Debt Limit)11/15/2023 10:21:01 AM
New York  Proposal 2 (Exclude Sewage Debt Limit)11/15/2023 10:21:01 AM
New York State Supreme Court  3rd Judicial District11/15/2023 10:21:00 AM
New York State Supreme Court  4th Judicial District11/8/2023 11:52:27 AM
Town of Hunter  Proposal 3 (Library Budget)11/8/2023 10:27:44 AM
Town of Prattsville  Town Council11/8/2023 10:27:17 AM
Town of Prattsville  Tax Collector11/8/2023 10:26:43 AM
Town of New Baltimore  Town Council11/8/2023 10:26:06 AM
Town of Lexington  Town Council11/8/2023 10:25:26 AM
Town of Catskill  Town Council11/8/2023 10:24:17 AM
Town of Cairo  Town Council11/8/2023 10:23:39 AM
Town of Cairo  Supervisor11/8/2023 10:23:13 AM
Town of Athens  Town Justice11/8/2023 10:22:30 AM
Town of Athens  Town Council11/8/2023 10:22:07 AM
Town of Athens  Town Clerk11/8/2023 10:21:31 AM
Town of Athens  Supervisor11/8/2023 10:21:02 AM
Town of Caroga  Proposal 4 (Golf Course Facility Bonds)11/8/2023 10:15:50 AM
Town of Caroga  Proposal 3 (Town Barn Bonds)11/8/2023 10:15:32 AM
Town of Stratford  Town Justice11/8/2023 10:15:00 AM
Town of Stratford  Town Council11/8/2023 10:14:38 AM