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Washington County
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Town of Kingsbury
Washington Co. breakout
Washington County
Washington County breakout
U.S. Senate94%12/20/2022 10:13:00 AM
Governor94%12/20/2022 10:13:03 AM
Comptroller96%11/21/2022 3:10:05 PM
Attorney General96%11/21/2022 3:10:03 PM
State Supreme Court-District 494%5/30/2023 9:55:35 AM
U.S. House District 2194%12/20/2022 10:12:55 AM
State Senate District 4394%5/30/2023 9:56:04 AM
State Senate District 4594%5/30/2023 9:56:05 AM
Assemby District 11394%11/21/2022 3:09:55 PM
Proposition (Environmental Bond Act)94%11/21/2022 3:10:06 PM