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Saratoga County
City of Saratoga Springs
Commissioner of Public Safety
Commissioner of Public Works
Commissioner of Accounts
Commissioner of Finance
City of Saratoga Springs
Vote for 2
25 of 25 precincts reporting100%
 Tara Gaston (D) (inc)4,18326%
 Matthew E. Veitch (R/C/US) (inc)4,12726%
 Shaun D. Wiggins (D/RS) 3,60923%
 John F. Safford (R/C/US) 3,59723%
 Bruce Altimar (WF) 2602%
 Gabriel P. O'Brien (WF) 1291%
Source: Board of Elections
RS - Resilient Saratoga
US - United Saratoga

Last Updated 11/3/2021 6:55:26 AM