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Prop 1 (Apportionment)
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New York
Proposal 1 (Amending Apportionment/Redistricting)
Vote for 1
15,386 of 15,533 precincts reporting99%
 No 4,798,80480%
 Yes 1,183,03320%
Source: Combined Reports
Proposal one, an amendment

Amending the Apportionment and Redistricting Process

This proposed constitutional amendment would freeze the number of state senators at 63, amend the process for the counting of the state’s population, delete certain provisions that violate the United States Constitution, repeal and amend certain requirements for the appointment of the co-executive directors of the redistricting commission and amend the manner of drawing district lines for congressional and state legislative offices. Shall the proposed amendment be approved?

Last Updated 11/3/2021 12:58:26 AM